November 2017 Crate

The Era Of EDM Crate November 2017 Crate

With Thanksgiving just right around the corner, we are ready to celebrate the holiday with good people, but we are also celebrating a milestone with The Era Of EDM Crate November 2017 crate. November marks the first month that we have included apparel inside of our boxes! Yup that’s right! And we might add that they are superb apparel pieces at that. A pair of all-over print crew socks and a t-shirt/ crop top. Wow!

Below we are going to walk through each individual item included in our November crates and their uses.


Kandi Kits

Every month we refresh your stock of what you need to add to your kandi wrist. Two packs of our kandi kits will make four elastic bracelets. It’s quite literally the adult raver version of finding through a candy shop. Just envision yourself tearing that packaging and entering a kandi making utopia.


3D Graphic Crew Socks

Announcing the first piece of apparel featured in our November crates. Our all over printed 3D cube graphic crew-socks. Made from all polyester, light and super vibrant – this pair of socks is a flashy addendum to everyone of your rave outfits.


Assorted Stickers

Everyone received a handful of awesome, quirky, gag or funny stickers to add some flair to that rave or festi-outfit. Stick with them wherever you please!


LED Shoelaces

For those that have their favorite pair of rave shoes, this month we included a pair of LED shoelaces to breathe some new life into those sentimental rave shoes. Lacing them up is a cinch and they flash at different intervals in several colors. Here’s how to lace them properly with any pair of shoes:

1: Detach the plastic strip from the LED button and lace your shoe with the plastic strip as you would with any other shoelace (see picture below).

2: Feed shoelace through the front two holes on LED button like picture below.

*At this point, you can tighten the laces to your liking by pushing on the LED button/ fastener. Once you get them to a tightness that works for you, turn the two dials on the face to the horizontal position which locks them in place.

3: Insert the ends of shoelace into the side of the LED button/ fastener (see picture below).


Ravemode T-Shirt & Crop Top

This is the November 2017 crates big ticket item, and the item we are the most proud of. Our Ravemode ON! T-shirt & crop top. Printed on a super soft poly-blend, these shirts are made and manufactured in the United States with fashion and style in mind. Featuring our Ravemode graphic and hanging “ERA” tag – this is our very first box that includes apparel – and they came out looking awesome!


This month marked a big milestone for our crates. Apparel is no easy beast to conjure and we feel that this team has developed a great graphic on a comfortable and extremely soft set of shirts. We hope you love them as much as do and have as much fun with them as we did putting them together.

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