December 2017 Crate

The Era Of EDM Crate December 2017 Crate

We’re excited about what’s inside The Era Of EDM Crate December 2017. We received many Christmas orders which made sending our boxes out very sentimental. What was also exciting about our December crate is that our beanies where a HUGE hit and it included our first partnered product. Below we’ll go through everything we included in our December crates!


Kandi Kits

edm subscription box kandi kits

Every month we refresh your stock of what you need to add to your kandi wrist. Two packs of our kandi kits will make four elastic bracelets. It’s quite literally the adult raver version of finding through a candy shop. Just envision yourself tearing that packaging and entering a kandi making utopia.


Ultra Soft Slouch Beanie

The Era Of EDM Crate's Ultro Soft Slouch Beanie

Our ultra-soft, unisex, slouch style beanies were a huge hit within our December crates. Stylin’ and so comfortable.


Flare Nasal Inhaler

The Era Of EDM Crate Featured Product - Flare Inhaler

Flare is a sensational nasal inhaler that breathes a blast of fresh air through your sinuses. Available in so many delicious flavors, these inhalers were a slam dunk among our subscribers who received our December boxes. Their purpose is multi-faceted when at a show, and the flavors are spot on. This was our first partnered product and we couldn’t be happier as our friends are Flare are nothing but pros and bellwethers.

Kaleidoscope Glasses

You know the deal! Kaleidoscope glasses. But not like the ones you see everywhere. Our premium Kaleidoscope glasses are crafted of heavy duty plastics, a metal frame and real glass. They fit and feel good on the face, and wow do they look good! Select models also have a “wormhole” which is a hole in the center of the glass that allows what you’re looking at to still be distinguishable but still kaleidoscopic. These glasses were another hit of our December boxes and will be made available for purchase individually soon.

Not a subscriber? You can be and you’ll receive monthly gear to add to your festival/ rave experience.



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