Our Fruition

The Era Of EDM is a premium electronic dance music brand that houses a digital & print magazine and Dance Music lifestyle subscription box. We formed The Era Of EDM magazine in the summer of 2015 on the premise of being, “the last honest medium”. Years later our publication quality has dramatically improved, our circulation has spread globally, and we have been honored to cover a remarkable number of grade A music festivals and shows.


Now (June 2017) we are launching the second addendum to our brand – The Era Of EDM Crate. A Dance Music lifestyle subscription box. The biggest goal behind our crates is to create an interactive experience around the lifestyle of electronic music. Whether you’re a hardcore raver, weekend warrior or occasional listener, we want to curate the Dance Music subscription box that fits your lifestyle by bringing the lifestyle to your doorstep. All you have to be is passionate about the culture and lifestyle behind EDM. If that’s you, let’s continue on to learn what’s inside and how The Era Of EDM Crate functions.


Our crates are ever evolving. Now although you’ll receive them monthly, it is important to note that no two months will be the same. This team is always following the trends of the scene while, in most cases, staying ahead of them. What that means for you is that you are always receiving the newest, trendiest and highest quality goods this industry has to offer. And just as ever changing as the Electronic Dance Music scene is, our crates are as well. Every months box will be a surprise to your Dance Music lifestyle repertoire.


Every month you’ll receive a plethora of products that touch under the following vague categories: apparel, gadgets and accessories. We say “vague” because the physical items will change each month you’re subscribed. Every box you receive will feature an array of products fitting within those categories above with added, we call them, filler essentials. For instance, one month you may receive a custom soft-cotton all over printed shirt from under the apparel category in addition to let’s say, arbitrarily, a pair of LED gloves and a back-up power brick for charging your phone for both the accessories and gadgets category. We like to think of the three categories as the “big ticket” items, but it doesn’t stop there. Each box will include a group of filler essentials which may include: kandi kits, key chains, stickers, pins, phone accessories and more. When all three of our big categories and filler essentials meet, it creates the ultimate package of necessities for any Dance Music event and fills the daily life needs of EDM lifestyle advocate.